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Louis Ruth Photography

See the photos through my eyes from start to finish.
I currently use a Nikon D810 36MP full frame camera
and prime lenses for my landscape scenes.

Capturing the images with brillant detail is
important to me as well as color, light and shadow.

My editing style is unique to me and no one else.
All rights reserved - Copyright © Louis Ruth Photography
Municipal Park

Captivating Wildlife Images

Quality that makes a difference

Our Style
Many years of learning both in the field and on a PC
Customer Focus
Exceeding the expectations of every photo printed
Donations along the way
Recognizing our needs for donating photos to wildlife organizations
Continually Upgrading
Keeping up with technology
by upgrading camera equipment is a MUST
Archival Prints
Every print is signed and numbered
using the finest paper and ink to last
over 80 years on your wall
Direct to you
Louis Ruth Photography
from nature to your front door, without the middle man

Mystical Nature Scenes

Camera Gear Reviews

Best Tripods
For more than 60 years [Pro]Master has sold products exclusively through independently owned stores.
Take a look here for tripods.

What to look for when buying a tripod. Make sure its not to heavy or to light. Tripod legs have sleeves and they can chip inside. When opening and closing be aware of dirt and sand that can caught within the sleeves.
Best ball heads
If you want a ball head with exceptional versitility, then choose [Pro]Master ball heads and more.
Take a look at these heads here.

A good ball head rotates with ease and does not stick. Don't go cheap when you buy a tripod head. Spend the extra money you will be happy.
Buy a product with a good reputation and not a knock-off!
Nikon camera updates
I feel that Nikon is the best made camera on the market today. The Nikon D850 and D810 are among the best rated 97 and 100 score .

When buying a new camera, buy
it for the right reasons. Check the reviews from several sources. If
you buy local check the stores warranty. Buying a camera 1 to 2 years older can save you money.
Lens updates
Nikon lenses are just the best! Their is no question in all the years I have used Canon that switching to Nikon was worth it. See here what I mean.

A lens can make or break a your photo. Do your homework and look at DXO Reports . They test almost all lenses to give you updated results on sharpness/good and bad details.
Light rays which are reflected by any surface can become polarized so
polarizing filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera
lens. Check these filters out here.

A polarizer can be your best friend
in the field when dealing with bright skies or shiny water. Remember to always watch out for the sun's location so you don't have a heavy dark area in your skies.
ND Grad kits
K&F Concept filters and holder kits are a new inovation that works well!
At a great price and built well, you need to try these out.
Check out this kit here.

Holders can be a great thing to have in your camera bag. Don't buy a cheap plastic holder or cheap filters. Over time filters can scratch with use.
10 stop ND grads allow your to create dreamy water scenes.
Camera bags
I have personally owned 2 bags from Tamrac for over 15 years. They have held up quite well. Durable and well made. I like the old style myself.
Check out all their bags here.

When looking for a good quality camera bag, try buying a slightly larger bag then what you think you will need. Look at the stitching on the bag and all straps. Canvas is the strongest type of camera bag.
Editing software
Adobe photoshop and lightroom have been around for a very long time. I feel that both are the best software for editing photos of every style. Take a look here.

Adobe Photoshop has been around for a mighty long time. You can buy a monthly subscription to Photoshop and it gives you updates all the time so your software is current.

Zoos and Parks

When you visit your local parks, please remember to be kind to the wildlife. If you see trash stop and pick it up, help our parks stay green!

If you visit the zoo, don't bang on the glass enclosures. If you have questions or concerns ask one of the park employees.
Park Zoo
St Edwards
State Park
Bridle Trails
State Park
Big Finn
Hill Park
Veterans Memorial
Denny Park
Ballard Locks
Please do not use my images without my permission
or purchasing a license. Thank you for understanding.