Meridian, Idaho
Come on a journey of awe-inspiring photography from Oregon to Idaho and beyond with Louis Ruth
I would like to invite you on my journey of photography trips from past to present, from Oregon to Idaho and beyond.

Taking you on a journey through my eyes as a photographer.

I will be placing links to the areas we are going to hike to help others like yourself when you go on your next journey.

Starting in September 2018 my wife and I will be starting on our trips and beautiful photography experiences throughout Idaho's beautiful outdoors.

My new photography journey begins with all new gear-

Nikon D810 36MP full frame camera body 14.8 dynamic range
Nikkor 24MM F1.8G Prime lens for my stunning landscapes
Nikkor 85MM F1.8G Prime lens for  landscapes and portaits
Nikkor 200-500MM VR lens for my detailed, dynamic wildlife
MeFOTO GlobeTrotter series carbon fiber tripod and ballhead
Lexar 64GB Professional 1066x CompactFlash Memory Card
Lexar 64GB Professional 800x SD back up Memory Card
B+W 77mm XS-Pro Kaesemann Circular Polarizer MRC-Nano Filter

Sawooth Mountain ranges, Ketchum Idaho
Our 1st and 2nd adventures begin in September of 2018 on Fishhook Creek trail and Redfish Inlet Lake Trail

Their are many hiking trails and beautiful alpine lakes to see throughout the Sawtooth wilderness National park in Ketchum, Idaho. Their is actually a nice short boat ride over to the inlet of the Sawtooth Mountains from Redfish lodge. Only 10 minutes on the boat, can save you a 14.6 mile round trip hike. Some like to hike and enjoy the scenice outdoors, while some of us cannot.. Thank you Redfish lodge for offering this wonderful service.

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) consists of 756,000 acres of scenic mountain country. The SNRA has over 700 miles of trails, 40
peaks rising over 10,000 feet and more than 300 high mountain lakes that add to the spectacular scenery and vistas. Recreational pursuits
include camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, boating and canoeing, rafting, observing nature, photographing and bicycling.

The real magic and beauty of Redfish Lake is found at the Marina. Ours is the exclusive marina at Redfish Lake, providing access to Lodge guests and anyone looking for an exciting summer day on the water. Take your own boat, or rent one of ours, and explore our beautiful little corner of the scenic Sawtooth National Forest.
The white sand beaches make for an enjoyable day of relaxation for anyone. Enjoy the warm sun while children swim and play in the shallow, crystal clear water. If the Sawtooth Mountains are calling your name, head to the Marina where the energetic staff will assist you with motorized and non-motorized rentals, an unforgettable scenic Lake Tour, or a shuttle to the south end of the lake for more recreation. The marina also has a gas dock ready to fuel up your own motorized watercrafts. Redfish Lake is one of Idaho’s most secluded and cherished marinas; you’ll never be bored here.

Here are a few lists of the best trails to visit near Redfish Lake Lodge in June. This is only advice, so please consult a map and travel prepared. Do not underestimate the mountain environment. The backcountry can be cruel and uninviting for the unprepared, especially in the early season, when daytime temperature are warm but nighttime temperatures often dip below freezing. At the very least, always carry a map and layers for rapidly changing weather, as well as a knife, flashlight, fire source, and food/water supply for emergencies.

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Payette Lakes
Our 3rd and 4th adventures goes from the middle of September into the beginning of October

Payette lakes and Ponderosa Pines state park is located in McCall , Idaho about 2 hours from Boise. A beautiful heavily wooded are to see and adventure through lush trees and lakes. You will see beautiful birch trees witnin the Ponderosa state park. One of my goals is to photograph the beautiful birch trees with soft lighting and the upper Payatte lakes with surrounding areas.

Payette Lake is a 5,330 acre expanse of clean, glacial water sitting at an elevation of about 5,000 feet in the mountains of Idaho. Over 10,000 years ago Payette Lake was carved out by a glacier 1,000 ft high, 2.5 miles wide and eight miles long. At its deepest point the lake is 392 ft deep. Half of the lake is protected as part of Ponderosa State Park which also offers over 1000 acres of natural wilderness, camp sites, hiking trails and unspoiled beauty on the peninsula jutting out into the center of Payette Lake.
Things To Know
Payette Lake offers excellent boating with several sandy beaches and spectacular mountain scenery. Watercraft rentals are available.
Anglers can easily fish from the shoreline or a small boat.
Ponderosa State Park covers most of a 1,000-acre peninsula that juts into beautiful Payette Lake.
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